S-E-R energy Home heating oil


S.E.R Energy is an old-time family business, unmatched in its field, which was founded by the head of the family, and boasts more than 40 years of experience in fuel transport for the benefit of its customers. The business provides professional and reliable service to private, business and institutional customers throughout the entire Jerusalem area and its vicinity.


S.E.R Energy


S.E.R Energy considers itself obligated to provide services at the highest standards, both to old and new customers. The dedication of the company to quality is not a mere lip-service. In order to provide its customers with the best service, it operates a fleet of trucks with a high degree of availability throughout the service area, and employs qualified and service-oriented teams, with permanent, rather than occasional drivers.


Owing to the skilled logistic organization, the business is able to respond to any request and problem 24 hours a day (excluding Saturdays and holidays). In addition it can supply all types of fuel, fulfilling same day orders, all at unmatched prices.


With unmatched service, reputation and prices, for more than 40 years, no wonder that S.E.R Energy has a large circle of customers, which is growing steadily, when occasional customers discover the quality of the service and become regular customers.

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